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Small Business Collection Agency in AlaskaNeed to collect on a debt and looking for a Small Business Collection Agency in Alaska?   We are a licensed collection agency for the state of Alaska.  This is a closed border state, which means you have to have a physical office in the state of Alaska and bound by the laws of this state , department of commerce, Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, as well as any other rules they want to throw in there per state including but not limited to Bankruptcy rules also.

Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage Inc is a fee based by commission agency.  Very few collection agencies buy debt.   So that means, if we don’t collect we don’t get paid.  We also do not charge a setup fee or cancellation fee.   If our efforts do generate a payment, it is fee able whether paid directly to us or to the client.  We report to Experian and Equifax sometime after 30 days from when the account is loaded depending on the schedule of the report for the month. We do not sue, due to cost and expensive regulating rules.

Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage Inc accepts forwarded accounts from other states when debtors move into our area.   We do limited collection in other states depending on the border rules of such state.

Alaska Small Business Collection Agency - Financial Collection Agency of AnchorageOur process is fairly simple.  We have a two page contract, signed.  We receive the accounts and send out a letter series. The first one is a 30 day notice, notifying them that they have been placed in collections.  We skip trace for updated info and try to contact that person by phone all within the first 30 days.  After that first 30 days it can be placed on their credit profile.  We work for payment in full.   We accept referrals and are always in need of clients, preferably larger accounts.  It takes just as much time to collect on $10 as it does $1000 and our collectors work on a commission base also.

We have been collecting primarily in the medical field since 1974 when our company was founded.  We are Alaskan Owned and Operated and have no other offices.  The stats in Alaska are 3 to 4 years depending on the collection and we can report on the credit bureau for at least 7 years.   Our skiptracing tools and the credit bureau are probably our most strategic tools.  Also, we use a low key non-threatening approach to collections and try to be an extension for our client with courteously and friendliness but insistent for collecting as much as possible.

For more information and questions about our Small Business Collection Agency in Alaska, please call 907-274-6683 or contact us online.

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