Why Choose Us

chugach-mountains-alaska-spring-2Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage is the best place to call when you need help collecting from your debtors and Alaska credit reporting.

We can help you and your business keep a clean credit report by collecting your rightful payments in a professional manner.

Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage is among the top financial collection agencies for the following reasons:

We give our clients the care and respect they deserve. We believe that each and every one of our clients deserves equal individual attention and they deserve the personal touch that larger companies are unable to provide.  In addition, Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage also provides Alaska credit reporting.

We approach your debtors with respect and lend out our hand to them. We have been in this business for over 30 years, and we have realized that if we treat the debtors the same as we do our clients, they are much more willing to pay. The personal touch we offer them makes them more comfortable and they feel in control of their finances.

anchorage-coastal-wildlife-refuge-sunset-snowshoeWe are a stable, well recognized company. We have been in this industry for over 30 years. Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage was built and is continuing to run in Alaska. We have good name recognition that people can trust.

payments-alaskaThe debtors we work with respect us and back our work. We often receive letters and thank you notes from debtors that we have previously collected from thanking us for working with them and helping them in a non-threatening environment. Alaska credit reporting is a part of this process of credit repair.


We save our clients reputation and save them money. Our company works as an extension off of a business’s staff which cuts down their expenses related to collection efforts. We use our name when your debtors need an extra push to help them make payments. Our company will sue when needed, which also cuts down a company’s expenses.

We run our company with integrity, honesty, and dependability. We believe that if we give our customers the respect and honesty they deserve, we will grow from their recommendations. You are guaranteed to get personal, honest, and dependable service from us.

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