Alaska Credit ReportingFinancial Collection Agency of Anchorage Inc’s mission is to bring professionalism, credibility, compassion, integrity, respectability, privacy, and honest to the debt collection industry and financial collections in Alaska. We also operate under FDCPA (the Fair Debit Collection Practice Act). Our Alaska collection agency strives to help both the debtor and the client to achieve the best goal for all financial collections in Alaska. We use a low-key debt collection approach to encourage debtors that it is in their best interest to clean up or prevent further damage to their credit profile. At the same time we are trying to achieve the best recovery for our client.

payments-alaskaWe are an Alaskan-owned and operated debt collection agency with stability. We have been in business since 1976 and are very skilled with financial collections in Alaska. Most of our collections are in the medical industry and we are obligated under the HIPAA (the Healthcare Information Privacy Accountability Act). Our Alaska collection agency agency accepts forwarded collections from other states with a wide variety of collections in other fields as well.

collections-alaskaWe are members of: The Better Business Bureau, Western Collector’s Association, American Collector’s Association, ACA Health Services, ACA International (The Association of Credit & Collection Professionals) and the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. We also support Special Olympics, St. Jude, Mid-valley Wrestling and numerous PTA and youth groups. We are an asset to our community.

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